17 Unknown Facts About Nigeria You Never Knew

Here are some facts you may not have known about our great country, Nigeria. Below are 17 facts you probably never knew of Nigeria, my fatherland.

1) Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups

To crown Nigeria’s population is diversity in languages. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups!.

I bet you only know the Yorubas, the Ibos, the Hausas, the Ijaws etc, have you ever heard of the Gbayis, the Affadas, the Amos, the Banks and so on!.

2) West Africa’s longest river is located in Nigeria

Nigeria’s River Niger is West Africa’s longest river spanning about 4,180km from its source in the highlands of Guinea in South Eastern Guinea. It is largely known as the Niger Delta or the oil’s river.

3) Nigeria is one of the oldest location of human existence

From archaeological reports, it has been discovered that Nigeria is one of the oldest location for the first humans on earth as existence in Nigeria has been dated back to as far as 9000BC.

4) Nigeria has the world’s largest diversity of butterflies

So you think the world’s first and best belongs the UK,USA and the likes?, let me give you a shocker!. Nigeria boasts of the world’s most colorful creatures, butterflies.

It is widely believed that this is found in Calabar, Cross River State and other southern part of Nigeria.

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